Reinhold friedl - schönberg pierrot lunaire cheap imitation - 7. zeitkratzer perform Kraftwerk - Huddersfield.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed album zeitkratzer performs songs from ‘Kraftwerk’ and ‘Kraftwerk 2’ in 2016, the arch-experimentalists continue their exploration of this iconic band, this time in a live setting. Bringing a vital new perspective to Kraftwerk’s formative years, zeitkratzer’s approach reveals a stripped back, psychedelic lightness to these early tracks, including improvisation and looping grooves. Don’t miss the only UK opportunity to hear these works come to life!

Discovery of a colorful Vallauris 1950's espresso set by Auguste Lucchesi (LUC) with original price tag...

It's a true pleasure to share this optimistic, modern, spacy set with you. It transports me back into the 50's like a time machine. Auguste Lucchesi set up his workshop in Vallauris, France in 1951, after dealing in ceramics since 1948 in Lyon. The original price tag states proudly: "300" and underlined. The new franc was introduced in january 1960 with General de Gaule in power. So this set was produced before that. The price at that time can be evaluated around $ now.

The pieces were formed by slipcast method, dried, signed with a relief stamp and fired at low temperatures. Coloring took place by holding them in different liquid glaze combinations. After 2nd firing, the bases of the cups had to be grinded to obtain some stability. The triangular form of the cups and handles are clear witnesses of the space age and besides that the set brings back sweet memories of Brigitte Bardot & St. Tropez.

Interesting detail: 3 different markings on the saucers, "France; LUC; LUC Vallauris" > see pictures. This might point towards different people working on this production as steel signature stamps were expensive and they had only few available.

30 spokes share the wheel's hub,
it is the center hole that makes it useful
Shape a vessel from clay ,
It is the space within that makes it useful
Cut doors and windows for a room
it is the holes which makes it useful.
Therefore, profit comes from what is there,
usefulness from what is not there...

(attributed to Laozi, Dao De Jing, 600 bc)

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Reinhold Friedl - Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire Cheap ImitationReinhold Friedl - Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire Cheap ImitationReinhold Friedl - Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire Cheap ImitationReinhold Friedl - Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire Cheap Imitation